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The best out of the simple

… Is the philosophy of our market-fresh cuisine. Our food comes mainly from selected organic farmers from the region, because we represent the pure and original flavor to the center: Our clear card offers honest dishes that are mainly seasonal and regional. Exceptions are special foods, ingredients and wines that offer the highest quality, for example, only the Tuscany or the Lyon region. We love the high Genusskultur and take it (almost) every way to purchase.


In the morning at 11:00 we start with privately roasted coffee from Siena “handmade” on an original La Marzocco machine from Florence. are trained our Barista Erna Tosberg, the German champion and No.10 of the “World Barista Championship 2016”.



The Patisserie Petit Paris Rocaille offers original French Patisserie from our own bakery. Alexandra, 2 years in Paris has trained can (among other things in the “Brasserie of the Year” Lazare and the shooting star of the French Patisserie Cyril Lignac) serves its customers on request with special wedding cakes, individual Cake Pops and “Signature Cakes”.



The market fresh Bistrot kitchen offers from noon, under the motto “from simple the best” honest French and Tuscan dishes, complemented by regional classics. Of course: best (bio) ingredients and the absence of flavor enhancers as well as all “Chi-Chi”. Again in the program: Delicious vegetarian or vegan meals. Our menu changes their offer several times a year to match the seasons.


Wine Bar

Our wine list offers more than 1,000 selected wines from around the world. For white wines, our focus is on German, Italian and Austrian wines. Among the reds dominated Italy, France and Austria, but also Spain, Portugal and overseas are well represented. We are particularly proud of our large number ripened wine rarities. Of course, we also own rosé and Magnum card! Glass way we serve every day around 30 selected wines at the best price-pleasure ratio ….


Special Wine-Lounge

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