Special Bean, Best Coffee

…. Prepared in the “Ferrari of espresso coffee machines,” an original “Strada EP” La Marzocco. On our enjoyment Travel we discovered perhaps the best coffee in the world. A small private roasting in Siena produced this fantastic Röstmischung we can now exclusively import to Germany. To perfect the pleasure, our employees are regularly trained by the German Barista Champion. We are satisfied when our guests say, “rocaille there are the best coffee Düsseldorf”.

La Marzocco : The Ferrari of espresso machines

La Marzocco is the gold standard of espresso machines. Their quality is imitated around the world, its leading products have the value of new cars. The Strada EP is a milestone. It provides the experienced Barista an exceptional level of control over the brewing process.

Our baristas

… A Masterpiece of Florence, for the best coffee, handmade La Marzocco.

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